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Xscape Salon & Spa Packages
The Xscape Experience - $149
One Hour Massage
Scalp Treatment
Shampoo, Cut, and Style

Massage Therapies
At Xscape Salon and Spa we have a unique menu that customizes its services with seasonally fresh aromas creating a lavish experience!  
 Start each service by choosing one of our seasonal inspired aromas or go for unscented and build your service from there.
  • Hot Stones                                 $10

  • Manicure                               $18
  • Gel Manicure                       $25
  • ​Pedicure                                $28
  • Mani/Pedi Combo               $46
  • Polish Change                       $10
30m/60m/90                                          $35/$60/$90
 ***** When calling to schedule your appointment, please let us know if you have acrylics that need to be removed.****
Silk Nails
Our sessions are designed based off time and customized to your needs by applying various techniques to meet your goals.
A consultation will take place before each session to plan out how we can utilize your selected time to meet your goals.
Add these to any timed massage session. Needs to be booked ahead of time with appointment.
​ - This enhancement uses the heat from a specially designed stone to help loosen tight muscles leaving you supremely relaxed and feeling calm all day.

 Xscape For A Day - $125
One Hour Massage
Shampoo and Style

The Relax and Xscape​ - $120
One Hour Massage
Spa Facial

  • Farmpresses                              $20
  - This herbal compress is a modern take on steaming relaxation. Choose between Rejuvenation, Soreness Relief and Tranquility, then take home for 2-3 more uses.
  • Extra Time                                  $15
  - This enhancement allows you to breakout of the standard session times by adding 15 minutes to really focus on any areas that may be problematic or that hold extra tension.
Book your massage sessions online.
60m                                                            $50
Every body treatment starts off reviving your skin through deep body exfoliation followed by a body mask. Body mask benefits range from calming, hydrating, age defying, tightening, smoothing, and increasing radiance in the skin. A moisturizer application tops the treatment off by locking in all the beneficial ingredients.
Skin Therapies
with Brittney Davis LMT, LE
Nail Services
  • Full Set             $45
  • Fill In                $25
Natural Nails
Other Nail Services
  • Hand Conditioning Treatment $12
  • Nail Trim/Soak                            $12
  • Full Set              $45
  • Fill In                 $15
with Keesha Bowles LNT
with Brittney Davis LMT, LE
60m/90m                                                                   $65/$95
Whether you are looking to relax or you are wanting to address an issue, this is the place to start.
This facial is designed based your needs and goals then customized by applying various products and techniques to meet your goals.
A client intake will happen at your first appointment to learn more about your skin and to rule out any possible contraindications. Your facial will include cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage, masking, and moisturizing protection. Complete with product recommendations.
  • Brow Shape                                         $17
            - includes: shape, wax and fill
  • Lip                                                        $12
  • Underarm                                             $20
  • Brazilian                                       $80*/$55
            * first visit includes home-care
  • Bikini                                                    $40
  • Leg (full)                                               $55
            - half                                                   $40

30m/60m                                                                   $45/$70
Get your acne under control with our clear-skin system.  Using a combination of clinical-grade products, customized to you and bi-monthly series of treatments, you will be clear in no time. Home-care is a requirement for this program and will be discussed at initial appointment.
  • ​Lash Tint                 $20
  • Brow Tint                 $20
              w/ wax                  ​$30
|All waxing & beauty services have 
maintenance discount|
Book your facial session online.
  • Back                                                     $60
30m - 90m   - - Varies with Modalities                      $100*
Therapeutic Treatments are advanced skincare modalities requiring specialized training to bring your skincare experience to the next level.
In The Treatment Room we care about you and your skincare goals and want to ensure you get amazing results.  Your initial therapeutic treatment will be a consultation treatment regardless of chosen modality. An intake form and consent form will need to be filled out at your first visit so please arrive 5-10 minutes early. Once in the treatment room we will conduct an in-depth consultation, perform modality of choice and customize your take home products* so your results last beyond the treatment room. You will be sent home with homecare instructions and a brochure outlining prices of modalities, series package prices for each modality and combo service pricing.

Before                                    After
Available Modalities
  • Dermaplaning *Special* $55 until 11/30/19; excludes homecare
            - A physical exfoliation that utilizes a specialized instrument         designed to scrape away accumulated dead skin cells.  It is a                   comfortable, relaxing procedure that can be combined with other         services to improve their efficacy.
  • NanoFacial
            - This groundbreaking facial drastically reduces fine lines,          provides an immediate plumpness, and allows for greater         absorption of the nutrients introduced into the skin during the         treatment.

- COMING SOON : Chemical Peels *Stay Tuned*